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We are not accepting FFL transfers at this time. Even if the seller has our FFL on file, PLEASE DO NOT instruct them to send your firearm to us. Sorry for the inconvenience.


> Firearms are generally NOT available for pickup the same day they are delivered. Confirmation by UPS, FedEx or USPS that your firearm has been delivered DOES NOT mean that it is ready to be picked up. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24 HOURS FOR PROCESSING YOUR FIREARM BEFORE COMING IN. Due to the nature of our record-keeping procedures, and to remain compliant with Federal Law and BATFE regulations, we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT expedite this process.

> Please allocate AT MINIMUM, one full hour of time for the required paperwork, processing of your background check, and invoicing when picking up your firearm. While the average transaction requires only about 20 minutes, ALL transactions are handled strictly on a first-come, first served basis. Due to the complexity of the record-keeping and other requirements of firearms transfers, we refuse to be rushed in our duties. As a matter of policy, when a customer alerts us that they are in a hurry, we will politely ask them to return at a later time to complete the transaction.

> Please direct all questions regarding projected delivery dates, tracking info, etc. to the seller. IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TRACK PACKAGES. In the rare event that your package becomes re-routed, mis-delivered, or lost, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the seller / shipper to work out any errors in shipping. Aside from providing the required FFL information to the seller / shipper, our responsibility in the transfer process begins AFTER the firearm has been delivered to us and we have signed for it. Additional charges will be applied to the transfer if we are required to track or otherwise make additional coordination for the delivery of your firearm.

> FIREARMS MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS OF NOTIFICATION OF AVAILABILITY FOR PICKUP (EXCLUDING NFA ITEMS). We will no longer, under ANY circumstances hold firearms for a period longer than 10 business days. All unclaimed firearms will be returned to the sender if not picked up within 10 business days!

> Any issues with the firearm after it has been picked up must be coordinated directly with the seller and/or manufacturer. We are not a warranty return station for any manufacturer or product. Additional charges will be applied for return and/or warranty coordination and shipping.

> OUTGOING TRANSFERS: Click Here for more info.

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